We are passionate about organization and obsessed with details. Seriously obsessed.

Armed with lists, the latest technology and a bunch of communications devices, I help plan and execute your creative vision down to the last detail.

We will handle the logistics and manage the unexpected so you can be fully present and in the moment. 

we help you plan the unrepeatable!

Aries’ spicy energy + New Jersey nerve and determination + adaptability = ME, Dominique. 

I moved to Arizona from New Jersey in 2012 and I absolutely love it. I started my own little Italian family here under the Superstition Mountains. I’m a modern day hippie who loves to garden, take in all the animals and cook until my fingers fall off! 

From family gatherings to business events, I’ve always been the “planner.” A logistics whisperer.

My superpower is reverse-engineering. I can envision the big finale before we even start. Making it happen comes naturally to me! 

So here I am. After years of throwing events for families and friends, I decided to start my own business! 

Like many, I can be good at a lot of things, but being good isn’t enough. My soul needs purpose. For me, that means helping people. 

What better way to do that than helping others plan the unrepeatable?! I’m honored to be part of such important days in the lives of others. 

FYI: I come across as all business because I take my work very seriously. But don’t worry: I’ll also make sure there’s room for fun!

I’m an open book. You can ask me anything. But I would rather learn more about you! Reach out. Let’s chat!

"Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve"
- Harry Potter Half Blood Price 

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